We are aware that you are dedicating a lot of time, illusion and money to that special day.

Surely you want to surprise your guests with a unique and fun experience. You are looking for an original gift.

It may seem an extra expensive to add to all the expenses of the wedding but we assure you that it will be a guaranteed success and that the money that you now see as an expense will become a good investment when you spend that great day.

Your friends, friends, family will be delighted with the perfect memory of the photos and you will not stop laughing seeing the album dedicated by your guests.

But for that to be so we make the following recommendations:

- That the photographs are sharp and of great quality as those of a reflex camera. There is nothing worse than a blurry picture, moved or that seems made with a bad phone or a webcam.

- The size of the photo should be the right one so that the guests can frame the most special photo of the day, the 10x15 is very easy to find.

- Important that all guests can have a copy of any photo that has been made, many companies limit the number of copies that can be made of each photo. Are you going to put the dessert to share between two, three or more guests? With the same photos, make sure that there will be no limitations on printed copies, that everyone will enjoy that memory.

- It is essential to start the service during the coctel. It is the best moment. The meetings and the approach that takes place between friends and family at that time is special. The guests are beautiful and there is a great complicity between them and that makes everyone, both the youngest and the oldest, enjoy making beautiful photos in our van that they will safe guard with affection and frame to remember that day. The photos of the dance are fun, spontaneous, but also crazy (sometimes very crazy) and that's fine, but you will not have the same memory if the service starts at the dance. The fact of starting at the aperitif offers you the memory of that first moment all together that we assure you will make a space in the home of many friends and family, and then at the dance you will have other types of photos that will capture funny and special moments but that sometimes stay in the drawer. For that reason and to make it a good investment we recommend you start the service in the coctel.

Did not you see it in any of the weddings you went to and do not know if it will work during the coctel?

Test and you will see the success that results. It is also about looking for different things for that day, right?

Choose a company specialized only in this service because it will put the focus on these details. There are many that offer it within the many different things they do (photo report, DJ, children's animation ...), some cheaper ones, but ... do not you think that someone who takes care of all the details centered exclusively on that it is a guaranteed success is going to bring you the peace and confidence that you need that day?

We would love to help you get the best memory of a day that is unforgettable for all.

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