We offer two types of services:


BUS VW T2: service of photobooth in the interior of our VW of the year 76 during the appetizer. All an experience, all a novelty. In addition to decorating will serve of entretenimiento for the invited. For the dance disassemble the team photobooth of the van and install it in the interior of the event so that the party this integrated and besides can realise groups with a lot of people.


MACHINE PHOTOBOOTH: service of fotomatón without using ours VW van. The service begins during the appetizer and afterwards continuous in the dance. We place always a bottom of cloth (the customer chooses the colour) so that in the photography do not go out any element that distort the image.


The common characteristics of the services are:

1.- The technical team has camera reflex, flash, continuous illumination and printer of big quality.

2.- The size of impression is a 10x15, can customise the design in number of photographies (1, 2, 3 or 4) inside this size and put the text or logo that the customer want.

3.- Boundless copies. All the invited will be able to have the copy that once impresa will deliver saved in an on so that it do not spoil . By very numerous that it was the group of friends or familiar guarantee that all will be able to have a copy to the moment, there is not limit.

4.- When having a camera reflex the team goes recording the photographies in a card by heart. Once finalised the event deliver all the photographies in a pendrive.

5.- Ours company does not go up the photographies of the evente to any gallery, neither public neither private. The reason is to give fulfillment to the Organic Law of Data protection since although the gallery was deprived any invited would have access to download photographies of other invited.